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Retaining walls can play a number of important roles in the landscaping process. In some cases, they can serve as a central, eye-catching feature. In others, they can be used to transform a sloping yard into a dramatic, dynamic system of tiers. What’s more, retaining walls can be made in a range of styles and sizes, and from a variety of materials, including sleepers, concrete, blocks, rocks and bricks. Here at Scott Lewis Landscape, we build according to your yard, needs and tastes – tell us your vision and we’ll make it a reality.



If sleepers is not what you have in mind, retaining walls can also be made of blocks, bricks or rocks, which are commonly known as segmental walls. While some require mortar to keep them together, others work by interlocking. Segmental walls come with many benefits, including flexibility, durability and attractiveness. You can design segmental retaining walls to suit your particular tastes.


Key Benefits of the Service

We are all about landscape construction. Please contact Scott about how to build your unique vision that compliments your existing style with our expertise

  Experts in designing your dream outdoor space
  Your property value increases many times initial value
 Aesthetic landscape beauty that improves with age
  All round certified and insured landscapers
  We oversee your project from design to completion